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The longest day

Tonight/Today is the day of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, also known as Midsummer or Litha.

My first Litha celebration was on a farm hosted by Mynie and Norm. A very long time ago and a very very awesome experience. Norm passed away a long time ago and Mynie just a few weeks ago. I was a bit shocked when I heard the news. Still a bit in shock. May her spirit soar. I always wanted to learn more from her. She was so wise.

One of my favourite quotes below. Just a gentle reminder to breathe and take it slow. Life is not supposed to be such a rush. Maybe that’s what 2020 is trying to teach us… maybe

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Lao Tzu

I haven’t celebrated the Cycles of Nature in such a very long time. I miss that, but so looking forward to teaching the twins about Mother Nature.

7 thoughts on “The longest day

  1. I love the quote, so true. I don’t like rushing and have loved this year from a hermits perspective 🤫did I say that? 🤪The flow of nature and the seasons is the way I live, but I am lucky enough to not have constructions.

    1. I think we all had a little bit of a hermit’s perspective this year. Had Lots of time to reflect.

      Trying to live by the flow. Not always succeeding but still manage to observe every now and then and notice natures little gestures.

  2. Flow and reflection is my favorite state to live in… But yes life can get in the way. Enjoy the rest of your midsummer 😄

    1. My aim is to live in that state. I read a book bu Michael A Singer that sort of lived in that state. Loved in the flow. He meditated and was led by the Universe and did without resistance. My goal.

    2. Sounds great 👍👍I shall have a look at it. I have read several books over the years but can’t remember what they are called except for one: Art is a Way of Knowing by Pat B Allen, but I believe in following the flow and co-creating or collaborating with the Universe. It is the most fulfilling life for me. Here’s to many fulfilling hours in the flow 👍

    3. The beginning is cool bit it gets kind of boring from the middle part. But I enjoyed the book.

      Just read the description for Art is a Way of Knowing. Sounds like my kind of book. On my wish list. Thank you.

    4. 😄👍Pleasure 💜

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