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The Most Beautiful Month of the Year

October is the Most Beautiful month

Up here in Pretoria the Most Beautiful Month of the year is October. We don’t get snow here in the Winter, so we wait for Spring to have our most beautiful of beautiful times of the year.

It’s Spring now and in October the Jacaranda trees start to bloom. If you are able to view the city from above you’ll see the city covered in a blanket of beautiful purple flowers everywhere you look.

Driving down streets you’ll drive under a canopy of purple. Later the month you’ll be driving on top of a carpet of purple flowers. The flowers don’t last that long and soon fall to the ground.

But while they are fixed to the trees the beauty is amazing!

Jacaranda Trees vs Christmas Trees

I just realized something, it seems that when the Jacaranda trees start to bloom, that’s when the shops start putting Xmas decorations up and bringing out the Xmas trees… I kid you not! I’ve already seen trees up for sale at some shops. They could at least wait till November to bring that stuff out.

WOW, I can’t believe in a few days we will be in November. Where has this year gone? Although I think most people wouldn’t mind 2020 to be long gone and forgotten. Wasn’t the best best year, was it?

Tree or No Tree

This year will be the second Xmas for the twins and we’re still contemplating if we should buy a tree yet, or wait till next year. They haven’t been influenced by ‘the spirit’ of Xmas yet, and have no idea what it is, they’re not old enough to understand that yet.

Also, we don’t really celebrate xmas, and I’m still unsure if I really want to ‘introduce’ that concept to the twins. Probably don’t have a choice, eventually they will find out. HAHA


In the Spirit of Spring, here is a gift for you, a free Wallpaper for your phone background…

Enjoy! Hope you like it!

Free Wallpaper

Well, that’s Tuesday for you! Hope you are having a beautiful day. We are in the middle (hopefully the end soon) of a heat wave here in Pretoria…I miss Winter!!

Take Care!

5 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Month of the Year

  1. I think the Jacaranda trees are so pretty when they line the streets. My husband did his basics in Valhalla and was based in Pretoria for 15 months. He was permanent force then was moved back to cape Town after that.

    1. It sure is beautiful. I use to go up the mountain behind the Union Buildings, and from there you could see the whole of Pretoria and all the Jacarandas.

    2. Amazing! Are Jacarandas indigenous to that area?

    3. Not sure. I know its all over the place but I heard that its actually not and originally from Jamaica (I might be wrong)

    4. Wow that is interesting. Thank you.

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