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The Tarot & my Journey to becoming a reader

My Tarot Journey

I started reading the Tarot cards again.

Not on a professional basis… not yet. Just for me to get some inspiration. Getting reacquainted with the 78 Cards.

I gained interest again after watching a Tarot Reader, Vincent Pitisci on “the Youtubes” talking about the Tarot and how he read the cards. His way seemed so much easier than learning all the cards and trying to remember what each card means, especially in one of the decks that I have where there are 2 different cards, #5 & #6 that looks almost identical… Can’t mean the same thing (if you have to interpret the images alone).

Although I am familiar with the cards and I’ve done quite a few readings for friends, I’ve never been confident enough to “go Pro”.

I haven’t read my Cards in quite a while and needed to take them out of their purple velvet pouch and get to know them again.

The History

There are two things I’ve ALWAYS been interested in since I can remember, Photography and Tarot Cards. Don’t ask me why.

The Tarot
The Smith-Waite Tarot Deck-Centennial Edition

I bought my first real Tarot Deck in England when I worked there in 1997. I bought the Original Rider Waite Deck (The RWS as it is known as).

Before that, when I was still in school, about 13 or 14 years old, I bought a ‘Fortune telling’ book. In there were pictures of all the cards of a different deck. I cut that out and used that as my first tarot deck, although I didn’t quite ‘get it’… But it was the beginning. That was my first introduction to the cards.

After buying the RWS deck back in 1997 and not quite ‘getting’ it and not being able to see all the images clearly; it was very smudgy, with thick outlines and very pale colouring, I bought another deck, the Robin Wood Deck.

The Images on the Robin Wood were much better and clearer and this was my favourite deck until I bought the Cosmic Tarot, loved the images on The Cosmic, but not quite connecting with the cards, and I kept going back to my first love, the RWS. Which brought me to my next deck, The Smith-Waite Tarot Deck-Centennial Edition, I bought it earlier this year, it’s the same as the RWS that I have, but with better colouring and line work and the images are much clearer. It’s so much better working with this deck.

Below are the 2 Cards that stood out the most for me, the Death Card. On my old Original RWS I never saw the King lying underneath the horse, on the new Centennial Edition I could finally see the King, his crown, the river and the kid holding flowers out to Death.

My Tarot Journey
Centennial Deck on the Left, Old unclear RWS on the Right.

I Love the Centennial Edition deck. I think I found my favourite deck. I’m finally able to do readings again and enjoy doing it.

Using The Tarot Cards

There’s a lot of negative ideas and stigma surrounding tarot cards, saying it’s evil and from the devil etc. Or saying you have to be psychic to read or use them.

I use the Tarot in an intuitive way, using the cards and symbols the get intuitive ’hits’ or messages to give advice, the messages coming from my own mind and not from an outside ‘evil’ force.

Some people believe tarot cards are a form of black magic or senseless new age mysticism but for me they are a practical way of talking directly to the Universe.

Toyah Willcox

The cards are a system to access your intuition.

The cards are just that, pieces of paper, the images on them is what brings them to ‘life’. By asking a question, laying the cards out in a layout, and each position of the layout giving a meaning to the card in that position.

You can associate the cards with having friends, 78 friends, by putting the cards in lets say a 10 card spread/layout, you are ‘calling’ ten of your friends for advice, asking each friend a different question (each position is a different question/friend).

Just like having a chat with friends and them giving advice, I use the the tarot cards to see the images to activate my mind/intuition to get advice and ideas.

How it Works – Intuition on Steroids

Let’s say you have a question or an issue you are dealing with in your life. You ponder on it the whole day and go about your daily business and then suddenly you see something that sparks an idea in your mind that answers your question.

That’s how the tarot works, sort of on steroids, but you don’t have to wait the whole day for ideas to come to you, you just deal the cards to spark your imagination.

New study has shown that the Tarot works like mind mapping. Asking questions and using words or symbols to figure a problem out, and getting a conclusion that will help you in the future to solve your problem.

You might as well flip a coin, and continue asking questions to your problem and getting answers from ‘heads-or-tails’.

That is how I see and use the cards. Can it predict the future?


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