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The Whole of the Rose

Day 48 – The Whole Rose

I thought I would photograph the whole, BIG rose, the same rose as yesterday.

I started out moving back to get the whole rose in the frame, I was just lazy to put my 50mm lens on, so I was sitting against the opposite wall, almost, to get the rose in the frame.

Day 48

There’s just so much you can photograph when you are photographing the whole subject, so I went in for a closer look, and that’s when I started playing around with the Depth of Field.

I focused on a petal and using a very shallow depth of field (DOF) allowing only a small part of the petal to be in focus it created these smooth, ocean of petals. I quite like the effect I got from this, something bit different than everything in focus. And thanks for this rose with so many petals there were quite a lot of photos I could take… and did take.

Only realized now that it’s quite a lot of extras!!!

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