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Day 13 – Thorn in my side

Today I thought I would photograph the other cactus of the 3 we have outside. This is the middle one. The thorny one.

I thought I would take a macro photograph of this little guy, and show all the thorns of this one, but it looked very boring. Then I started playing with the focus.

I decided to go manual focus, something I rarely do. But with all the thorns, the camera struggled to focus, or didn’t focus on the part I wanted to be in focus… SO MANUAL WE GO!

I started taking a long exposure photo photo, and while the photo is being taken I moved the zoom in and out creating some interesting effects, but it wasn’t until I decided to focus on the thorns and using a very shallow depth of field that I really loved the results.

I love the focus on a few points of the thorns and the star effect of the ‘out of focus’ thorns.

Kind of looks like it’s piercing through the photo. Would be nice to see this printed.

Day 13

2 thoughts on “Thorns

  1. I feel the texture… Cool

  2. […] camera struggled to get focus, so seeing that I’m not afraid of manual focus anymore, I switch to manual and focused where I wanted […]

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