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To Blog, or Not to Blog

The Time to Blog

Why is it that I can’t find the time… or energy or the motivation to blog, to sit down and let my fingers type words and sentences on a screen from where I can share my thoughts with you and not just with the voices in my head.

Currently I have 39 “blog ideas” in my Notes app on my iPhone, but for some reason I can’t post those ideas to this blog.

Seeing all those unused notes make me feel like a hoarder. Hoarding all these ideas and never let them see the light it deserves.

It’s not life altering, dramatic pieces of sage advise. Just some random words that I would like to bring out of my mind and manifest in the physical.

Maybe someone might find some useful ideas from them or maybe it might offer some kind of entertainment. Maybe I would benefit more from sharing them than I think I would… Who knows?.

New idea…Capturing Ideas

While I’m busy doing life, random thoughts pop into my head, Stuff I’m not even thinking about at the moment. I think it’s part of what they call the creative process, I think.

I used the Shortcuts app on my iPhone to create a shortcut where I press a button and in 2 steps I can capture a new idea for a blog post… but I can’t seem to expand on those ideas and create stunning blog posts from them.

So now what I do is open my notes app whenever I have a chance and type a blog post from those quick notes. Just a few sentences every moment I get and then I copy the note to the WordPress app and create a new blog post. All I need to do then is add an image and hit post.

That’s what I did with this blog post. From my notes app to a blog post on the www. Technology is awesome. The bonus, I should have plenty of time because I don’t have social media apps on my phone, besides Twitter which I rarely check in on.

This blog post was sort of a trial run, and it seems to work, I enjoy it. Just need to add images to my phone that I can add to my blog posts.

A couple of weeks

If I post one “idea” a week I would have 39 weeks worth of content that I can post.

I think my New Year’s Intension should be to post these blog ideas, one a week at least, that’s enough content until August/September.

I just need to make it a priority to type whenever I get a chance. Every bit helps.

Every drop counts

I manage to post quick blog posts to my “Photo Album” category, but long read blog posts, written entirely on my phone is something new… not too bad actually, if I do it in segments.

So…It’s To Blog… More long form blog posts coming soon.


As predicted, we went to bed last night around 21:30, usual time, apparently Inge woke up just after midnight cause of the fireworks some people were setting off and the twins were bit restless… I slept through the noise.

So far 2021 isn’t any different than yesterday/last year. But as usual it’s a new year filled with possibilities.

Here’s to an awesome 2021. I hope this year brings us lots of joy and happiness.

Blessings for the New Year.

5 thoughts on “To Blog, or Not to Blog

  1. I also get random ideas and pop them into my phone notes. Eish I also get them when I am supposed to be going to sleep. I keep jumping up to write another one, even my dreams inspire me. 🙈

    1. hahaha, I can’t remember the last time I had a dream, I just know it was a weird one! LOL, but I don’t usually get ideas when I’m doing nothing, only when I’m busy with something else and my mind wanders because of the boring task at hand!

    2. Yeah I know what you mean about getting ideas when busy. My favorite is driving… I get poems but then I can’t write them down… some times I set them to silly tunes so that I will remember them 😊

    3. Ah yes. Driving. Thats when I get them ideas too. And can’t write them down and hope a red light will catch me to take a note. 😆

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