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Traffic Light Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder why people feel the need to throw their trash out of their cars and next to the road.

There’s a handful of things that really pisses me off and people throwing their shit out of their cars tops that list. Especially those that drive and just tosses a liquor bottle out. No worries.

Near me there’s a beggar with her children sitting next to a traffic light every day and they just leave their trash there. I really feel for them and feel sorry for her (not sure if she’s the mother or grandmother) and especially for her kids, the one a teenager and the other probably not older than 5, both girls, forced to beg for money.

It’s not suppose to be like that. Kids should play and enjoy their childhood, not be forced to beg for money because of the state of the world, that’s not their fault and shouldn’t be their problem.

But besides the problems they have in their personal and financial lives I’m sure they can at least just clean up where they sit every day. Just keep it clean. Then again, maybe all the trash aren’t all theirs.

This photo was taken where these 3 ladies sit. I thought maybe I should start a little side project and call it “Traffic Light Photo”. Whenever I’m stuck at a red traffic light take a quick photo of my surroundings, like a burst tyre or a piece of trash.

Traffic Light Trash

As another little side project, maybe I should just go there and pick up the trash myself.

5 thoughts on “Traffic Light Thoughts

  1. It’s very sad, those children will probably not have an opportunity to children, been forced to grow up too quickly. 😢

    1. In the past it bothered me, but not as much as it should, now having kids makes me look at the world differently. And I feel so sorry for those ‘street’ kids. They really don’t belong there, but guess that’s the journey they are meant to take this lifetime.. But still very sad!

    2. Yes 👍… One also can’t get too bogged down about someone else’s journey if you have no way of helping.

    3. So true. Sometimes difficult to do. Guess it’s human nature, best one can do sometimes is just send a positive thought. 😞

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