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Water Drops on a Rose

Water Drops on Rose Petals

Day 47 – Water Droplets on Rose Petals

Something I’ve always wanted to try, photographing water drops on leaves/flowers…

FINALLY able to get some decent photographs of water drops on a HUGE rose Inge gave me which she got from he mom.

Day 47

This rose is so big I didn’t really need a macro lens for rose, just HUGE water drops… But I decided to go macro, couldn’t get the water drops THAT big!

I really enjoyed this water drop photography, I think I did it long time ago, can’t remember, and if I did, these ones are by far the best! And YES, I couldn’t just share one photo!!!

Water drops on flowers just gives the photograph another feeling or mood. Peaceful. Contemplative.

Something I’ve been doing lately…Contemplate the meaning of life!

2 thoughts on “Water Drops on a Rose

  1. It seems contemplative to me because the drop is there to stay for a little while before it dries up… Time seems to have paused, almost like we can watch and wait for the drop to dried… And there’s the mystery of… Will the drop drop or will it dry up. 🌹

    1. ah thank you, it is amazing, sometimes I take a photo, and it’s like ok, next.. sometimes, not so often, but more now, i can take a photo and say wow, and take a moment to reflect…

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