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Water Drops

Experimenting with Water

2012 was the year that I experimented with water drops.

This was another fun thing i did and one I really enjoyed where time just stood still. I like those moments where 3 hours in studio feels like 20 minutes.

I took an oven pan (because I didn’t cook) and filled it with water. From above a bag was hanging dripping water into the pan. The colours in the water are different backgrounds that I put next to the pan opposite the camera that would reflect in the water when the flash went off. The flash was actually my old faithful, a workhorse of a flash, my Vivitar 285 HV that I still use today.

I set the camera on manual focus, and focused on the spot were the water drips from the bag, same location, and just took a photograph that would trigger the flash as soon as a drop hit the water. It really is a hit and miss, hope for the best kind of thing, taking plenty of photographs and hope you catch some drops in action.

The shapes and splashes from the drops can create some interesting visuals at times. Definitely an experiment I would like to try again sometime!

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