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We went into lockdown

I took this photo 27 March 2020. This is the day after our country went into level 5 lock down. The day our lives changed.

The streets were empty. So eerie, strange, scary, dystopian, horrific. No one knew what was about to happen.

Lock Down
Lock down Lvl 5

At first it were supposed to be for 21 days only. That got extended every week or so.

Even the highways were empty. We were only allowed on the roads to go to the shops to buy essential stuff, no driving around for fun.

Empty Streets
Empty Highway


Lock down queues

Going to the shops were so weird. Standing in a long queue, 2 meters away from the person in front of you and wearing masks.

We were also only allowed to go to the shops to buy essential stuff, the non-essential stuff were behind tape, you weren’t allowed to buy it. That felt very dystopian.

The thing I hated the most/still hate, is wearing a damn mask, I do it, but I hate doing it!

Wearing a mask makes me think so much of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ I dunno why, it just does. This whole setup does.

It’s a few months later, we’re still doing it. I’ve stopped counting the days.

Empty Mall
Empty Mall

Life is pretty much, sort of back to normal.

The twins went back to school which were a blessing when that happened. I couldn’t wait. They had it bad.


I had to ‘home school’ the twins since the lock down started when the schools were closed. It were challenging at times, we had some fun, but mostly it was challenging. I couldn’t do much work, I had to teach them to crawl, did exercises with them to strengthen their legs to start walking. We couldn’t play outside when winter got too cold, so we were all in the house the whole day.

They didn’t see any people except me and mommy, so they were afraid of strangers when they finally went back to school, they are still a little bit uncertain at times but so much better than just after we were allowed back on the streets.

Next Level

I’m not sure if were are going to go back to another level. It’s December/Summer Holidays here and people might just forget that we are in the middle of a pandemic and get lazy to wear masks, practice social distancing etc.

Let’s hope for the best…and let’s hope for a cure very very soon! I hope they find one very soon. I miss the old life we had, I just hope we can one day go back to what we thought of as normal!

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